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19 Des 2008

American Civil War: Gettysburg

Immerse yourself in the action of American Civil War: Gettysburg!

Experience the grandeur of many detailed 3D Civil War battlegrounds inspired by such famous conflicts as Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge.

In American Civil War - Gettysburg you can choose to control either side of battle!

Maybe you want to keep the Yankees off of your land and retain your sovereign rights as States to formulate your own policies and legislation. Or, you might want to head up the Union forces and squash the Confederate rebels from penetrating the Northern States.

The decision is yours, but either way, in this battle you can't be neutral. You must pick a side and be willing to fight to the death to give your country honor!

American Civil War Gettysburg will immerse you in incredible battles in this historically accurate war game! Be careful though, even though this game is historically accurate, your learning may go unnoticed. You'll be so busy fighting battles, mapping strategies, and flanking your opponet you probably won't even realize you've learned anything.

From the accurate geographic and landscape details to supplies available, you will find this game to be a challenge to conquer. Of course, the war was the bloodiest in American history, so to be accurate the game reflects this with numerous battles.

It's all for the sake of historical accuracy!

American Civil War: Gettysburg

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